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Funds Manager
Trust Corporation Manager
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Report Manager
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Funds Manager, the quick, user-friendly software for careful fund management.

The application allows for an efficient, precise management of both the calculation and the archiving, automatically also generating reports, graphs and documents.

Funds Manager has a great many scalar functions according to you needs and is easy to customise and extend.

The preparation for publication on internet, intranet, extranet and SmartPhone channels makes it a versatile tool for global use.
Daily value management
Fund management
Benchmark management and messages on public area
Automatic graph creation
Automatic monthly and annual performance calculation
Automatic calculation of values with dividends
Multilingual user interface
On-line guide with help and instructions
Allows for the maintenance of careful fund management
Prepared ready for publication on the internet, intranet, extranet and SmartPhone
The programme requires very little time for management
Allows for data and information to be obtained quickly
The programme is user-friendly, requiring little in the way of instruction
Suitable for use on Windows, Mac, Linux and Online (web application)
On-line guide available providing help and instructions
Updates to new versions included

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